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Build and improve your payment tool with

  • Build your own or improve an existing payment tool using a web interface, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business
  • Optimize payment processes and performance to increase revenues while reducing the payment transaction fees
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools give you clear, up-to-the-minute information on your business performance across all point of sales and all in one place especially values in case of

  • working with multiple payment service providers
  • monthly revenue more than $100k
  • dealing with international customers
  • numerous ways to accept payments
  • working with multiple currencies
  • inbound and outbound payments, bulk refunds

Monthly Revenue


Conventional tool
by a payment service provider

Your tool

Service Fees


You Get

+$10,000.00 allows smart payment processing configuration considering multiple factors

Payer's geolocation

Payment date and time

Payment currency

Payment method alternative in case of failure of the primary service

Payer's device

and other intelligent transaction routing payment management service selects the best route for each transaction leveraging smart payment acceptance algorithms when multiple payment services are used. takes care about reliability and security

Effective risk management system

Durability through multiple merchant-accounts

Failover protection

DDOS protection, PCI DSS, SSL and data encryption

Critical data protection and payment processing security

Payment page out-of-the-box

Responsive web design (desktop, tablet, mobile)
Localization and multi-language support
Integrated analytics
Comprehensive UI\UX design
Continuous improvement
Shopping cart abandonment tool

Ultimate control over the payment processing:
transparency, accountability, and sustainability.

Payment process management and fine-tuning including user rights and privileges through a web-based interface.

Transactions and payment data integrity control: operational and payment reconciliation

High adaptability to business needs (online shopping, gambling, betting, P2P platform etc.)

Payment analytics, reporting and monitoring

Flexible configuration of business rules

Sign up for a demo has a scalable and modular architecture for high-performance processing

Unified endpoints
for different payment types

Payment Gateway, Checkout,
PSP Hub and more


Customer objects






A powerful and feature-rich API
We strive to enable you to write less code and integrate the service easy and fast with a powerful API

For different programming languages and mobile platforms

Tips and tricks that enable easy integration and help to create any type of payments flow in minutes

API versioning
Continuous improvement and backward compatibility

If developer support resources don't help and you need further API Support, we put our experts at your disposal is made up of various building blocks

Checkout interfaces

Currency exchange schemes

Hosted Payment Page (HPP) interface

Unified payment gateway

Smart payment routing and failover

User access management

Merchant account management

API and Webhooks

Payment provider monitor

Unified deposit gateway

Payment service provider connectors

Bulk refund gateway

How much does this cost? Cloud Service
(pay-as-you-go approach)

Preconfigured and ready to use

Automatic updates and engine upgrades

DDoS protection and failover solution

Monthly uptime of at least 99.9%

Support 24/7, all year round

Predictable costs Server License
(self-hosted service)

Total control over your own environment (in-house infrastructure or private cloud) service at your domain

Ability to build custom solutions designed specifically for your business needs

Support 24/7, all year round

Price for the Cloud Service
as little as $0.01 per transaction
Try Cloud Service at no cost until June, 1 2018
Price for the Server License
Contact us to get a quote within 24 hours

How we work with our customers

We pay attention to what you say, and we partner with you to deliver the best solution.

Our aim is to define our customer's requirements first and then configure or build the solution you need.

We help our customers to configure, customize, use and deploy the service to your own infrastructure.

We help to learn how to master the service to solve business problems as efficiently as possible.


Benefit from our established know-how in payment management. We apply agile methodologies to integrate into your business in order to keep all the processes running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Over 10 years experience in software development with strong focus on the financial and e-commerce sectors.

Product development best practises
Agile methodologies, TDD, DDD, Microservice Architecture, etc.

Numerous successful projects
Extensive record of large-scale projects delivered on time, on budget, and on value.

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