How to optimise your payouts with

How to optimise your payouts with

The concept of payouts refers to disbursement of funds to partners, suppliers, sub-merchants or contractors. It can be a one-off payout, but in many cases, it involves making a high volume of regular payments in multiple payment methods, various currencies, and to different countries across the world. Making and optimising your payouts with is a seamless task. Now we’ll try to make it brief for you.

Payouts allow marketplaces and financial institutions (banks and payment service providers) to use as a payout option for their customers in a cost-effective way. Our payment platform enables you to send global payouts in 40+ currencies to 70+ countries using a range of methods (credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, mobile payments, utility bills or local payment methods).

A payout is the transfer of funds from the company account to any number of recipients on a card, account, email or phone. gets you on board easily and quickly with one simple integration. Start initiating payouts through our feature-rich Dashboard or API with minimal efforts.

Reach out. Make payouts to partners or employees in locally preferred methods like e-wallets, bank transfers, cards, etc. and do more business in more places.
Speed up. Easily integrate Payouts into your site or accounting system and start entering new markets and disbursing funds faster.
Embrace technology. Benefit from built-in features like batch and bulk payouts, fraud protection, etc.

Optimising your payout process with

With Payouts by, you obtain a set of smart tools designed to facilitate the payout process:

  • Routing. Each transaction is routed to a vendor that provides the best support for a particular region
  • Cascading. In case of any issues on PSP’s side, a transaction is rerouted until execution or suspension
  • Splitting. Accomplish payout requests through multiple transactions until its successful completion across numerous payment providers
  • Blocking. Automatic blocking of suspicious transactions and setting them as pending to eliminate fraud and boost approval ratios
  • Reconciling. Tackle time-consuming payment reconciliation issues when working with multiple providers hassle-freely
  • Converting. Easily set up rules for every currency pair conversion and choose an exchange rate source

Payouts from also allow for proper management and visualisation of all operations. Proactively monitor all the key metrics in the real-time mode, track the operational and analytical KPIs to make your business more efficient. Generate regular reports automatically or select any of our predefined ones and download them right away. Directly access the database and extract information for all your business activities on Take full control of the payout data and share it within your team, if necessary.

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