New integration with Decta

New integration with Decta

Decta was founded in 2015 and had become a leading processing centre and provider of end-to-end services for payment processing, acquiring and card issuing for variable customers worldwide – including banks, financial organisations, payment services providers and online merchants. Its projects were implemented in 27 countries for more than 2,000 customers.

Headquartered in London, Decta is a fully licensed e-money institution, authorised by the FCA UK to provide financial services. It offers solutions and services that bring so much needed mobility to the financial world, such as online payment processing and money transfer services. Decta prepares ready-made solutions for a wide range of industries, including financial, gaming and gambling, Forex, and much more, has its own processing centre and provides merchant account management. Also, Decta can help you to provide real-time multi-currency processing and settlement services for payments in the different currencies.

Decta affords Airline Addendum, a payment service that allows merchants or travel agencies to add relevant passenger or flight details to financial transactions. In such a way, transaction and chargeback management becomes more efficient, seeing that bank statements hold complete information about flight reservations, including passenger name, ticket number and departure airport.

The integration with Decta gives you an opportunity to grow your business, maximise your profitability and reach. As for now, we support host-to-host integration to initiate payment and payout transactions.

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