Our COO is speaking this March in Kyiv!

Our COO is speaking this March in Kyiv!

PayCore.io invites you to attend Smart Sales & Customer Retention Business Marathon in Kyiv, Ukraine. The event will deliver exceptional value to everybody who wants to increase sales, acquire more customers and improve retention.

12 qualified speakers are looking forward to sharing their experience and offering applicable advice on:

  • Customer Value & Engagement Strategy;
  • Sales Operations;
  • Retention & Loyalty.

We are proud to have our Chief Operating Officer Den Melnykov featured in the impressive list of Business Marathon speakers. Den has a long-lasting experience in leading large teams of people with different cultural and professional backgrounds and a proven record in delivering results in challenging internal and external environments.

Our COO will speak on Customer Value & Engagement Strategy Section, which will teach you how to identify and solve client’s pain points, build сustomer discovery process and create a unique competitive advantage. You’ll also learn to interact with the audience in the most efficient way, conducting experiments and gaining customer behaviour insights.

PayCore.io will share the stage with speakers from such well-established companies like Ciklum, Admixer, YouScan, Terrasoft, Competera, iDeals and many others.

The event will take place on March 14, and will feature the Q&A session and networking.

Don’t miss out – get your ticket now and we’ll see you there!

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