takes part in Ukrainian Israel Innovation Summit 2020
Events takes part in Ukrainian Israel Innovation Summit 2020 takes part in the third international tech conference Ukrainian Israel Innovation Summit 2020. Key players in the fields of cybersecurity, healthcare, digital technology, and venture capital, government officials and corporates from Ukraine and Israel will talk about the challenges and opportunities created by the pandemic crisis, spotlighting breakthrough technologies and ways to innovate in the fight against the pandemic.

Among the famous speakers are Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Health in Ukraine Maksym Stepanov,  Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Victor Liashko, Minister of Health in Israel Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, Minister of Higher and Complementary Education Minister of Water Resources of Israel Zeev Elkin, and others. 

The key topics which will be discussed at the Ukrainian Israel Innovation Summit 2020:

  1. Ukrainian-Israeli cooperation during the pandemic
  2. Ukrainian-Israeli response to COVID-19: Government, Healthcare, and Technology on the Frontlines
  3. Investing in a time of crisis: the transformation of the venture investing landscape during the pandemic
  4. New normal of startups reality: navigating startup investments through the corona crisis
  5. Rethinking innovation: cooperation in the times of the pandemic & after. 

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