VietUnion Online Services Corporation (VietUnion) is a member company of Saigon Invest Group, a leading group in Vietnam on development investment into: industrial zones and hi-tech parks; finance – banking; and informatics and energy. Operating in the field of informatics and e-commerce, VietUnion focuses on supplying solutions assisting electronic transactions and online payment. VietUnion is oriented towards establishing a foundation of secure and convenient transactions for developing Vietnamese e-commerce. Accordingly, Payoo online payment system that VietUnion is developing is one of the efforts to eradicate the barriers in present-day Vietnamese e-commerce.     In 2007, Vietnamese e-commerce owned promising development landmarks keeping with the development trend of the world e-commerce. However, according to the data released by the Ministry of Trade in late 2006, among 20-25% of businesses with websites, only 27.4% of the websites accept orders and the modest amount of 3.2% accept online payment. The habit of using cash in Vietnam and the limitations of credit cards have partially created invisible barriers against the development of e-commerce.    Catching up the impetuous development trend of Vietnamese e-commerce in the years to come as well as the lack of an effective payment mode, VietUnion Online Services Corporation coordinates with various banks and businesses to develop the Payoo e-wallet with efforts in establishing verified users’ communities, minimizing the risks and securing safe transactions through secure forms of Payment and delivery.

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