SecurePay’s payments gateway offerings include a complete array of payments processing features and functions that address all of the processing needs of ecommerce and brick and mortar businesses seeking payments processing services. SecurePayâ??s processing and administrative platforms began operation in August of 1997 and have been continually upgraded and improved upon since that time. A subsidiary operating division of Pipeline Data Corporation, today SecurePay supports thousands of merchants nationwide with a wide variety of payments processing solutions â?? both standard and custom to the needs of our merchants. SecurePay makes sensible, usable and affordable e-commerce solutions available to any small to mid-size enterprise. This includes retail outlets, publishing companies, delivery services, taxis and limos, charities, craft shows, flea markets, hospitals and clinics, schools and even individuals to name just few. If you have one product or service offering or thousands SecurePay can help you: â?¢sell and distribute your products or services using credit card, check and debit card processing â?¢obtain up-to-date reports about your businessâ?¦ â?¦all through a plethora of communications and payments-enabling tools tailored to your style of work. Any location, any timeâ?¦ SecurePay uses all types of communications technologies, including electronic store fronts and shopping carts, in-store credit card systems and cellular wireless terminals. SecurePay can support your enterprise in any location where you can make hardwired or wireless, virtual connections. You might need only a credit card processing product or our complete design and hosting services. In any case, you can select the products and services most suitable to your enterprise. While the web can be important â?? or even essential â?? for expanding your reach beyond its physical location, it can now serve as the hub for all of your enterprise transactions. Flexible, versatileâ?¦ secure If you are new to e-commerce or have an established web presence, SecurePay has tools to help you stay flexible, versatile, responsive and interesting to your customers. And, of course, everything is secureâ?¦ thatâ??s what we do best.

  • Quincy, MA United States of America
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