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PayCore.io routing engine determines the best possible route across providers and accounts to optimise all incoming and outgoing transactions in real-time settings. PayCore.io allows your back office staff to configure and change the transaction flows without specific technical knowledge.
As an illustration of the wider use of routing scenarios and their combinations, let's explore features that will help you to benefit from the smart routing features.

Dynamic Rules

Each transaction has instantly analyzed and routed to the most relevant payment provider, depending upon parameters selected in the routing setup.

Routing Schemes

User-defined routing schemes are to manage payment routing and configuration options to optimize for maximum payment success.

Routing Management

Your non-IT staff can take full control and change any flow, add or suspend accounts, and many more through the web-based Dashboard.

Optimisation presets

Optimisation presets is an additional instrument that you may use to quickly configure routing scenarios that are inbuilt in the routing schemes.

Smart rule engine to offer benefits

You can benefit from almost endless routing possibilities by creating a payment or payout scheme that permits you to specify your own criteria. There are many standard options including, but not limited to, geolocation, a payment or payout amount, account balance, dates and times, transaction fees, availability, response times, gateway performance, and etc. Besides, you can set custom criteria such as a number of games played within a week or the route of the last successful transaction. The routing engine can execute an arbitrary sequence of steps defined in the routing schemes with adhered exchange rates scheme.

Exchange rates schemes

FX conversion rules are encapsulated in a currency exchange scheme, which is adhered to every routing scheme.

Multiple checkouts

Every checkout page is linked to its routing scheme to support different business models, product types and storefronts.

Stay relevant in the changing world

To stay relevant to a changing business environment, PayCore.io offers a high degree of flexibility and agility by allowing modifying a payment flow without the need for IT intervention. It has inbuilt features that allow you to create interactive workflows of any complexity based on your business model in a snap. A non-IT staff can easily create, modify and manage payment flows right from the Dashboard with no coding required.

Routing management

Your back office staff can configure and change payment flows without specific technical knowledge.

Configurable workflow

A set of inbuilt features that allow you to create interactive workflows of any complexity for your payment solution.

Route optimisation
by cost

PayCore.io can dynamically determine the optimal route based on an inherent transaction fee value. It can help to optimize all transactions and ensure lower transaction fees by orchestrating cashflows across payment providers and acquiring banks. Likewise, adding two more attributes of payment request currency and payee geographic location allows for a transformation of all payments into local transactions, eliminating cross-border and currency conversion fees for international transactions.

Supporting features:

Costs in real time

Real-time monitoring of fees and FX conversion rates is an additional instrument to keep an eye on costs.

Cost analytics

Cost analytics helps to reveal what really drives the costs and to rethink the flows for both incoming and outgoing transactions.

Route optimisation
by conversion

Since PayCore.io allows you to work multiple payment gateways simultaneously or over time, it collects statistics on gateway-through transactions and dynamically calculates success rates by every payment route. The collected data enables you to follow the conversion optimisation strategy by setting the attribute of the success rate in the routing scheme. It is worth mentioning that a large enough pool of transactional data is essentially needed to start following this strategy by a particular route.

Supporting features:

Conversions in real time

Conversion tracking allows measuring the performance of every route in real-time settings and to get an idea of which payment provider works best.

Conversion analytics

Conversion analytics provide a look at what hurts gateway-through success rates and creates friction during the payment process.

Dynamic settlement account allocation
by a balance

Allocation rules are used to automatically allocate your incoming transactions to the correct merchant account. When a payment or payout request comes into PayCore.io, it will be checked against the rules, and automatically allocated to a single account which meets the account balance criteria. Of course, you can always override or edit the rule and combine with other attributes such as geographic location, transaction amount, etc. Connecting a new or temporarily disabling a merchant account and setting up routing rules only take a few clicks.

Supporting features:

Account balances in real time

PayCore.io provides efficient monitoring and tracking of merchant account balances in real time through a single Dashboard and is continually updated.

Automatic account reconciliation

This is a great way of reducing the manual effort in reconciling all your connected merchant accounts across multiple payment providers and improving accuracy.

Dynamic settlement account allocation by weightings

PayCore.io automatically allocates incoming or outgoing transactions to a single account which meets allocation weightings criteria and allows non-programmers to add or change business logic, giving your business more flexibility in operations. Moreover, with multiple merchant accounts, you not only can distribute turnover among two or more accounts, but the same is true for risks. Whether they result from chargebacks, services downtimes, or associated with legal issues, your customers can enjoy a faultless experience from start to finish.


Take advantage of international and familiar local payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.
Exploit the benefits of safe and quick domestic and international methods to pay out to third parties.

Cascading & prioritisation

Payment service providers typically have daily and monthly limits for both local and international payment orders or a transaction can be declined by any other reason. If any limit is reached, the transaction will be allocated to an alternative merchant account selected in the same manner in case of multiple routing criteria. In an account prioritisation strategy, a payout is made from a primary merchant account defined by the rule. If a primary account has insufficient funds to cover a transaction than a payout will be executed from a secondary merchant account, and so on sequentially until it will be executed or suspended. You can set up the priority for accounts in the routing scheme.

Supporting features:

Split payment

You will be able to submit a single payment or payout request, which can be executed by multiple transactions until successful completion across multiple payment providers.

Monitoring & alerting

It's an across-the-board source for monitoring and alerting about all your transactions, originating from disparate sources.

Failover management

PayCore.io automatically checks all available payment methods for every payment provider and connected merchant accounts and maps all the available payment routes in every settlement currency. Routing in PayCore.io encompasses the idea of failover, which is critical to your conversion rate. When a transaction is initiated, PayCore.io instantly finds the best route to complete the transaction. In the case of failure, a payment or payout request can be retried and forwarded to an alternative route taking into account multiple criteria including payment provider availability and response times.

Automatic balance check

Automatic balance check across all accounts allows to find and resolve issues with payments or even automate those processes.

Availability & response analytics

Exploit the benefits of safe and quick domestic and international methods to pay out to third parties.
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