Smart Payout Routing

Mass Payouts...
That's an easy one.

PayCore offers the technical infrastructure to make mass payouts — a high volume of payments in multiple payment methods, multiple currencies, and via multiple providers across the world. There is a large number of payment providers globally. Some of these providers function well for domestic payouts but lack the capability to execute cross-border global payouts. Other providers are strong when it comes to remittance but lack important functionality needed for payment reconciliation. PayCore provides the unified interface to request payouts while enforcing the payment reconciliation with multiple providers, thus doing away with the need to make hard choices among priorities. Make mass payouts via banking, e-wallet or digital currency interfaces with multiple providers supporting different functionality — it’s your choice.

Routing Optimize Costs

Smart Routing

Dynamic Payout Account Allocation

Allocation rules are used to automatically allocate the correct payout accounts for outgoing transactions. When PayCore gateway receives a payout request, it will be checked against the rules, and automatically allocated to a single account which meets the allocation weightings (by percentage) across multiple accounts or the account balance criteria. You can use multiple attributes within the rule that better meet your objectives such as payout request currency, minimum, maximum, or a specific amount.

Smart Routing

Batch & Split Payout

Usually, there is a maximum transaction limit on the amount that can be paid through a payment gateway. The batch payout feature allows you to divide up a full amount of the payout into multiple transactions that are executed simultaneously to avoid the limit and to request a payout from multiple accounts.

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