Technological developments have increased dramatically over the past few years. As a result, the world around us is changing rapidly We are barely able to imagine a world without mobile phones or the internet anymore, for example. This changing world is also creating new demands and it requires (technological) solutions that are in keeping with these. An example of this is the need for innovative payment solutions, which is partly due to the rise of the internet. A dependable partner In 2000, DialXS began to develop innovative payment solutions and since then, it has been a dependable partner for payment systems that allow consumers of services and products (whether or not available online) to make payments simply and safely. DialXS stands for safe solutions, customer focus, flexibility, reliable technology and perfection. DialXS provides optimal service; a team of passionate, expert and enthusiastic employees are always ready to advise and assist you. Customised solutions DialXS is an open-minded company. Our basic principle is: anything is possible. We will work with you to find the specific applications that best suit your needs. In other words, customised solutions. Because for us, working with you to devise such solutions encompasses a great deal more than just the technology for which we are responsible. All the necessary knowledge is available to us in house and we are always on the lookout for pioneering work, for new solutions. What this means is that we always like to think outside-the-box. User-friendliness For us, the starting point when developing technology is always the user, and that resulted in our accessible payment systems. All it takes to make a payment is a single telephone call, a single text message, or just a few clicks of the mouse. It could not be any easier. But the payment systems are also user-friendly for the webmaster. Quality and continuity High-quality technology is used for payment solutions provided by DialXS, and this technology guarantees quality, speed and continuity. The high quality of the software used is the result of many years of development and improvement.  

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